• Let’s rekindle the vision that began this process.

    The Ag Expo Center will provide a center for collaboration, industry awareness, entertainment, education and community pride.


You shared our vision, and you know that the Ag Expo Center is on its way. What’s standing in our way?

The major obstacle standing in the way of new progress is the mortgage on the land. That mortgage needs to be paid off before more progress can occur. Here are a few details:

  • The loan on the land is current, and all payments have been made.
  • Most of the money raised so far has gone to the interchange, engineering fees and cost overruns related to the project.
  • Architectural plans are on hold until the debt is paid.
  • Many grants moving forward could be awarded but will not as long as debt is owed.


Why is the for-sale sign there?

If you’ve driven by the Ag Expo Center location, chances are you have seen the For Sale sign. It’s easy to see why this could create some questions about the progress of the project.
The For Sale sign is actually a very good thing. It is part of the original Ag Expo Center plan, which includes setting aside some of the land for sale for commercial purposes. This doesn’t affect the mission or goals for the Ag Expo Center; in fact, in enhances it.
Here’s a sample of the types of commercial businesses who could create a presence on the Ag Expo Center acreage. You’ll see that their potential purchase of a commercial site works well to serve the visitors and exhibitors who would come to the Center:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • A Convenience Store
  • A Farm Resource/Store / Ag Supply Store
  • A Bank that Specializes in Agricultural Loans
  • Recreational or Entertainment-Based Businesses
  • And Many More!


The Ag Expo Center increases the region’s competitiveness as a place where people want to live and work.

The project will create opportunities in academics and workforce development, promote innovation through research and collaboration, and generate an economic impact that will bring new vigor to the region.
It is a site that will serve a wide range of organizations associated with agriculture, businesses, life science, education, with a heavy emphasis on youth development through 4-H and university programs. This transformation will only occur if there is a commitment from individuals, companies and organizations who all share the vision of a vibrant future for our region – making the investment to turn our assets and opportunities into a better lifestyle.
As we come together to support the progress of the Ag Expo Center, let’s remember the three-word slogan that has shaped the project from the beginning:

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Let’s build a bridge … to economic development, education, entertainment and more.

The Ag Expo Center is a bridge. It’s a bridge to connect who we are as a region including our strong agricultural history, to all that we could be in the future. It’s a bridge connecting our rich legacy as a community to our strong potential for the coming generations.

A center for economic development in the agricultural technology field, and a place to maintain our foothold in the center of agricultural science growth.

A center for innovation for youth, so they have the experiences, skills and leadership to carry the region forward.

A center for tourism and positive regional interest, based around conventions, shows and concerts.

Let’s Build on a Legacy.

Since 2010, dedicated committee members and project supporters have carved out the research and plans for the Ag Expo Center. Based on this data and the inspiration of many voices, we are ready to move forward together and bring the project to completion. This work will honor our strong Midwestern roots and showcase our perfect position to be an economic leader in the future.

What's Next?

Today, we invite you to take part in this new chapter of the Ag Expo Center story. You’ll be seeing some changes as we move forward. Your shared belief in the project is a key to its success.