• The Ag Expo Center is the bridge to ... agricultural innovation.

    The time is now. Are you in?


Things are happening. A new chapter in the story is unfolding.

Join us at the convergence of ideas, where curiosity is tested and tried; where there’s a place to teach, think and wonder. Join us in the pursuit of a place where youth explore career opportunities, where the community contemplates its next economic prospect. The Ag Expo Center provides a place for innovation with

  • New technologies in ag sciences
  • Economic opportunities for the St. Joseph region
  • New viability and appeal for the next generation of workers
  • Solutions to emerging challenges with a proactive approach

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Let’s build a bridge … to economic development, education, entertainment and more.

The Ag Expo Center is a bridge. It’s a bridge to connect who we are as a region including our strong agricultural history, to all that we could be in the future. It’s a bridge connecting our rich legacy as a community to our strong potential for the coming generations.

A center for economic development in the agricultural technology field, and a place to maintain our foothold in the center of agricultural science growth.

A center for innovation for youth, so they have the experiences, skills and leadership to carry the region forward.

A center for tourism and positive regional interest, based around conventions, shows and concerts.

Let’s Build on a Legacy.

Since 2010, dedicated committee members and project supporters have carved out the research and plans for the Ag Expo Center. Based on this data and the inspiration of many voices, we are ready to move forward together and bring the project to completion. This work will honor our strong Midwestern roots and showcase our perfect position to be an economic leader in the future.

What's Next?

Today, we invite you to take part in this new chapter of the Ag Expo Center story. You’ll be seeing some changes as we move forward. Your shared belief in the project is a key to its success.