• The Ag Expo Center is a bridge to economic development.

    The time is now. Are you in?

The Ag Expo Center is the Bridge to … Economic Development.

St. Joseph is uniquely positioned for ongoing economic success. Not only are we the third largest exporter in the state, but we are known for our skilled manufacturing and quality workforce. St. Joseph also plays an important role in the Agricultural Research Triangle. It’s an exciting place to live and work.

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Let’s Cross the Bridge to Economic Development.

The Ag Expo Center will play a key role in the exciting future of St. Joseph’s economic development. As an important location in the Agriculture Research Triangle, the Ag Expo Center will offer opportunities for classes and training for young people entering the workforce. Facilities for training and special events will make the Ag Expo Center and St. Joseph a destination for business opportunities.

A center for economic development in the agricultural technology field, and a place to maintain our foothold in the center of agricultural science growth.

A center for innovation for youth, so they have the experiences, skills and leadership to carry the region forward.

A center for tourism and positive regional interest, based around conventions, shows and concerts.

Let’s Build on a Legacy.

Since 2010, dedicated committee members and project supporters have carved out the research and plans for the Ag Expo Center. Based on this data and the inspiration of many voices, we are ready to move forward together and bring the project to completion. This work will honor our strong Midwestern roots and showcase our perfect position to be an economic leader in the future.

What's Next?

Today, we invite you to take part in this new chapter of the Ag Expo Center story. You’ll be seeing some changes as we move forward. Your shared belief in the project is a key to its success.