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Moving Forward With Strength

At its origin the Ag Expo envisioned an economic catalyst for the northwest Missouri area, and this vision has certainly made an impact on the region. On Sept. 30, 2020, the site was sold with all indebtedness retired. A substantial sum is on hand to move forward with financial strength. We move forward in keeping with the dream of local youth that started 15 years ago -- for funding agriculture and agri-business organizations with a mission and vision comparable to Ag Expo.

Learn More About the Master Plan

Read more about the Master Plan and goal in the Ag Expo Center Annual Report.

2020-21 Ag Expo Center Annual Report

What is the Ag Expo Center vision?

The Ag Expo Center is envisioned as a multi-purpose venue designed to promote agricultural education and leadership, youth development and tourism in the region. The vision began when a group of youth involved in 4-H began dreaming of a place where they could gather together and showcase their agriculture projects. That dream launched a bigger vision that has become the Ag Expo Center. The project is a 501c3, managed by a Board of Directors and incorporating the support and generosity of many donors and partners.

The Ag Expo Center will serve a wide range of organizations associated with agriculture, business, life science and education. Once complete, there will be a heavy emphasis on 4-H, FBLA and FFA, among other similar organizations. The Ag Expo Center will be a central location where industry leaders, scientists and students can collaborate and innovate. It will provide an opportunity to invite young people to put down roots and embrace the industry and region, and to help create a more skilled workforce.


As the project progresses, it’s important to adapt to the changing requirements and needs of the site and the vision.

In 2020, some critical changes were made to the Master Plan in order to respond to changing needs. The Master Plan has allowed for the sale of some or all of the land for commercial use. This does not take anything away from the project goal or vision – and in fact, this enhances the overall impact of the project in many ways.


Achievements Include:

Community and County-Level support: From the initial formation of the 501(c)3 organization, the Ag Expo Center has enjoyed enthusiastic support from the community and the Buchanan County Commission.

Completion of a full-service bridge and interchange across Highway 36: This multimillion-dollar improvement to the region opens the door to significant economic growth and job creation.

A road to the north and the south of the interchange: These roads provide the catalyst to state-of-the-art developments in this critical area of the Midwestern Agricultural Triangle.

Many legal milestones have been achieved surrounding the purchase of the 145-acre site adjacent to Highway 36, including the repurposing and preparation of farmland as a catalyst for future development and additional jobs.

Job creation as the project has unfolded, reaching 200-plus positions or opportunities in the region.

A $4.6 million grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) allowed the Ag Expo Center to begin work gaining access to the property from Highway 36 and extended to the north. This economic development grant was the first of its kind in rural Missouri and required the project to produce 60 jobs.

On Sept. 30, 2020, the site sold to a successful regional development company, with all indebtedness retired. A sum of $1.3 million is on hand to move forward with financial strength toward a new venue that maintains the original vision.


What’s Next for the Ag Expo Center?

The 2020 land sale means proceeds are being used to retire all indebtedness and obligations, moving forward with financial strength.

Doors will be opened to new opportunities at the original location, including a state-of-the-art business park creating numerous jobs and providing a large economic boost to the region. The park will be a tremendous asset for the community, and will extend the economic impact Ag Expo has already brought. In seeking a new venue for the Ag Expo Center, leadership will be able to take advantage of all aspects of the economic environment now and, in the future.

The land sale also allows Ag Expo to be in a position to move to a smaller site – 25 to 40 acres – with a focus in keeping with the dream of local youth that started 15 years ago for funding agriculture and agri-business organizations with a mission and vision comparable to Ag Expo.

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Let’s build a bridge … to economic development, education, entertainment and more.

The Ag Expo Center is a bridge. It’s a bridge to connect who we are as a region including our strong agricultural history, to all that we could be in the future. It’s a bridge connecting our rich legacy as a community to our strong potential for the coming generations.

A center for economic development in the agricultural technology field, and a place to maintain our foothold in the center of agricultural science growth.

A center for innovation for youth, so they have the experiences, skills and leadership to carry the region forward.

A center for tourism and positive regional interest, based around conventions, shows and concerts.